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Alessi The Best Electric Kettle Is A Work Of Art

Alessi is an amazing company, driven by design and producing some the best cookware for the modern consumer. The Alessi electric kettle comes in an awesome and diverse array of designs - Alessi is sure to have an electric kettle that fits your needs, your kitchen d├ęcor and satisfies the needs of those with a discerning artistic eye.
Take for example the Wiel Arets kettle. He was born in Holland and was primarily an architect. He studied in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and then continued his extensive studies in Vienna, Germany, New York and Denmark to name just a few, winning chairs and professorships at many of these universities and prestigious institutions. The Wiel Arets kettle is made from the latest materials, and has an extremely pleasing design.
The Michael Graves kettle has a completely different look to it. He created the very efficient Michael Graves kettle for Alessi in 1988. It incorporates a really fun bird whistle that sits on the spout and warbles when your water is boiling. …

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